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Who is International Students International?

International Students International partners with various other non-profit service organizations to provide resources for international students. International Students International and its partners share a genuine concern for international students and their academic, friendship, and career needs—both while students are studying abroad as well as when they return home.

International Students International provides training and resources to its organizational partners to assist them in their efforts to develop effective strategies for serving international students and helping them adjust as they return to their home countries.

International Students International is committed to ongoing relationships. This relationship can begin before a student leaves home, as they are introduced to International Students International by educators, or by fellow students who have previously benefitted from these services. When students arrive overseas they are often already connected, and are welcomed by a network of caring friends. As these students return back to their country, they are able to serve as International Students International ambassadors and mentors to new students who are preparing to study abroad.

And finally, these “returnee” students can also offer invaluable assistance to foreign students who are arriving to study in their countries, just as they themselves needed when they went to study abroad.

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