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Job Market

Now that you have earned your degree, you will likely enter the highly competitive international job market. You probably hope that your education in the United States will give you an edge over the majority of other candidates looking for a job in your home country. Depending on your field, you should still expect plenty of competition. The recent and continuing economic globalization of the world depends on human migration, international trade, movement of capital, and integration of financial markets, which contribute to more competition across the globe.

If you go into your job search with realistic expectations, you won’t feel so discouraged if it takes months to get a job. Your studies abroad and experience with American culture will certainly provide you advantages that many other applicants don’t have. But remember that, according to research, about 80% of available jobs never get advertised. That means that you will need to use creativity and networking to find out about openings and information that are not advertised.

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