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Where to Look

The international job market has become more competitive due to the increased number of qualified employees that globalization has introduced. In the past you only had to compete against qualified and available local candidates. However, due to increased mobility, education and migration, you could now compete for a position against candidates from around the world.

Thanks to the Internet, perhaps you can even begin your search before you return home. Different types of websites that you could use include general career advice sites, job search sites, company websites, trade and professional association sites, and forums or message boards specific to your field. Spend time researching companies in your desired career field. Employer websites often list position openings, or information that potential employees can use to express interest or submit resumes and applications. Even when the site doesn’t show any current openings in your area, contact the department to compile information and show interest.

Don’t forget the importance of networking and connections in finding out about job openings that might not get posted to the public. Take advantage of every relationship that could provide you with contacts and opportunities. Join community and professional organizations to promote relationships with people in your area of expertise and interest. Statistics show that over half of all employees get their jobs through networking.

Universities and placement offices often have access to openings that welcome recent graduates. Professors and other students in your field might know of some possibilities that you could pursue. Don't hesitate to use every possible resource. Sometimes the most unlikely lead is the one that gets you the job.

Certainly don’t ignore classified ads as an opportunity to find positions that have gotten posted publicly, but don’t rely on that as your only job search resource. Respond to classified ads promptly because the position could fill very quickly and your resume with all the right qualifications doesn’t do any good if the position is already filled.

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