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Many job candidates don't like the word “networking.” People often think of the word as a cold-call type of salesmanship and don't feel that they are up to the task. If this sounds like you, take heart!

Networking does not rely on pushing yourself upon unwilling hiring managers. Most networking comes out of regular conversations with regular people.

Let people know what kind of position you would like. Talk to people in your chosen field and ask them for advice. These kinds of conversations often lead to positive associations that influence recommendations.

If you take apart the term networking, you can see that it builds on the word net—the image it conjures involves fishing. As a job seeker, you essentially cast your net across as wide an area as possible, hoping that because your net covers so much territory, you will catch something worthwhile. Networking really just creates links between people with a common thread or link. Maybe your mother’s neighbor has a son who works at a company that you would like to work for. You or your mother could mention it to her neighbor and she could bring her son over the next time he visits her. Conversation could naturally lead to talking about his work and then about the company he works for. you never know where these connections will lead.

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