How do I network?

Get in touch with old friends and co-workers. Make sure everyone you interact with knows about your job search. And don’t overlook any opportunity to make contacts with anyone—regardless of whether you see the value in it or not. Sometimes the least likely prospects turn out to be the most useful.

Use e-mail and the telephone to create face-to-face opportunities. Email a former co-worker and say that you just noticed his email address meant he worked at a company that you would really like to work for. Ask him if you could meet for lunch and ask for advice on your job search. People usually feel sympathetic to your situation and will help out with practical connections and advice when they can.

Once you have made contact with someone through a network relationship, make sure to mention your mutual link. The more personal you can make the association, the more likely you will stand out in that person’s mind as more than just another candidate for employment.

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