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Connecting with believers

For those who have expressed a desire to learn more about Jesus Christ:

If you follow Christ, and especially if you began following him while studying abroad, look for other Christ-followers who can serve as personal, and sometimes professional, mentors. Those who follow Jesus Christ have a common faith that guides them to find direction and answers to life’s questions. They will often understand many of the challenges you face when you return, and can encourage you and pray with you, as well as offer advice. Seek them out!

If you have chosen to follow Christ, do not ignore the important step of connecting with other believers back home! Your spiritual growth and health depend on it! It can also benefit your emotional, mental and even professional  situation!

And now a few words of caution. Adjust your expectations. Don’t expect the church in your home country to be just like the church you experienced abroad. The church at home will most likely look and feel different; and it should. Look for a church that teaches the Bible and has a healthy group of adults like you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is Jesus central to what this church is doing?

  • Do they teach from the Bible as the final authority for faith and life?

  • Are there smaller fellowship groups, or care groups where you can share each others burdens, pray for and encourage each another?

  • Does this church offer opportunities where you can serve others both within and outside the church?
Remember, the church is not a building, but a community of believers who come together to worship God, encourage each other, and to serve. As a part of God’s church, you are His ambassador everywhere you go. To maximize your effectiveness, stay connected with others committed to doing the same.

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