Why does science need God?

Many people believe that to do science you must have a Naturalistic view of things, that only matter exists. Our ability to do science, they say, automatically requires that there must be a Naturalistic explanation for all things. These people automatically place supernatural explanations beyond the consideration of science.

As strange as it might seem, however, the Naturalistic worldview actually eliminates our ability to do science. How can this be, you ask? This is true because science assumes that there is an observer of objective reality. In other words, science requires that a reliable person is there to watch the matter that is being tested or examined. But if the observer is nothing more than matter, then mere matter is observing matter. How then can we know that the chemical reactions within the matter in the observer’s brain have any relationship to external reality? That is to say, how can we be sure that the matter inside the observer’s brain reliably observes the matter outside the brain? Such an assumption cannot be proven because such proof requires an objective mind. Instead, all we have is matter.

In contrast, the supernatural perspective says that we are made in the image of God and that we therefore have an unseen side of us called a spirit. And this non-physical spirit is able stand outside matter in order to observe it. In fact, God matters even in our ability to do science. This is one of the reasons why many scientists today have the biblical view of the universe.

Do YOU matter? Of course, we assume that we do.

We assume that we have value as persons. But why?

On what is this value based? Is it merely the fact that we exist? Is this indeed sufficient?

If matter is all that there is, then, at the end of our lives, we will cease to exist as persons. Our physical bodies will simply dissipate into the matter of the earth. In the vast scheme of things, after you have gone, how much of a difference did you make? Probably, you will be forgotten within a few generations.

But if God exists, then you do matter. Why? Because when He made you, He gave you a continuing spirit, and He wants to have a relationship with you for an eternity, starting now. Do you matter? You certainly do to God. Does this matter to you?

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