Planning Ahead: Financial steps

If you have set up accounts and made financial obligations while in the United States, you will need to begin the process of closing those down. If you have lived on campus, in an apartment or with a host family, let them know early on when you have decided upon your departure date. Most housing arrangements require at least a 30-day notice of your departure. This allows them time to arrange for cleaning, marketing and re-leasing your accommodations to future tenants.

If you have bank accounts, credit accounts, or other financial accounts like utility bills, provide them with written notice of your expected departure and instructions and contact information for any paperwork that they will need to get to you after you have left. They can then forward any outstanding balances or return any deposits you paid in advance.

If you bought a car, furniture or any appliances while in the U.S., you will need to decide what you want to do with those. Don’t wait until the last minute—this will add unnecessary stress to an already hectic time. Advertise or put up notices about anything you wish to sell, or contact friends if you would like to donate anything.

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