Planning Ahead: Spiritual Steps

The changes in your spiritual self can cause some of the most difficult adjustments when you return home. While these changes have likely made an incredible difference in your life, you have probably benefited from a network of support and encouragement in the U.S. that has nourished this growth. When you return home, not only will you need to demonstrate these changes through your lifestyle and interactions, but you will need to do so while trying to build a new network of support.

You must build a strong spiritual foundation for your continuing growth and development as a child of God. Create good habits of Bible study, personal devotions and prayer to help you maintain and grow your relationship with Jesus. But remember, you cannot do this alone—you also need other believers to walk along with you. You need to fellowship with others who have made the same life commitment as you have. This takes effort, and the devil would like nothing more than for you to become discouraged and distracted by your life back at home and gradually allow your faith to fade into the background.

Now, before you return, you need to build a strong foundation for your faith. Studies have shown that the amount of discipleship you get before you return home is directly proportionate to your growth or decline back in your native country. Take advantage of those around you who can disciple and mentor you. Participate in Bible studies that will train you not only in good doctrinal principles, but in how to study the Bible.

On this web site we have included a few brief studies that might specifically apply to you as you return to your native land. [Naomi, in the book of Ruth, who lived for a time in a foreign land and then returned to her home country; I Corinthians 8 where Paul addresses how to live out your Christian faith among others who do not believe as you do; Moses in Exodus chapter 3 when God called him to return to the land of his birth; and Philippians chapter 2 where Paul calls Christians to imitate Christ in the way they live their lives.]

Some students benefit from participating in online Bible studies via the internet after they return home. The important thing is to stay in the Word, and maintain accountability with other Christians.

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