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Baasim, from India

I was born in a Sikh family–a good family. I heard Bible stories in my high school, but
to me they were just nice stories, like fairy tales. You have heard of Kashmir
where I lived. Schools were closed for six months and I had nothing to do. During this time, I read holy books including the Bible. It sounded good, made sense; nothing more than that. 

I came to the U.S. and was met by a couple from ISI. They were a loving couple. I felt safe and secure with them–two strangers who did not know anything about me, yet they were willing to take care of me and have me in their home. This impressed me. I found out they were Christians. I met lots of different people–one group stood out. I realized there was something different about people who were Christians. I studied lots of different religions and I had Bible studies with my mentor from ISI. Christianity made the most historical and logical sense of all the religions. It sounded good to me but there is a difference between knowing something and having it in your heart.

I dreamed about Nicodemus coming to Jesus and asking about how to be born again. Now it made sense to me. In order to have a relationship with God, we need to die to the old and be born again, clean and fresh. A few months ago, I was baptized and I want to say my life has never been better. I have peace joy and strength. God is not a timid God. Our God gives strength, joy and happiness. I believe this will be my ministry for life; to uplift young children and tell them about how wonderful it is to be a Christian. It is the ultra-cool thing to be. Currently, I am mentoring a young kid, Jaabir, and we are having a lot of fun learning about Jesus. The shortest sentence in English is “I am,” and the sentence people love to hear is “I’m done,” so, I am done.  Thank you.

This has been adapted from the original testimony of the student
and has been modified to protect the identities of those in secure countries.