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Pavitra from India

I was brought up in a Hindu family. The only Christian in my family was my grandmother, but my father did not want me to go to church with her. I never had a chance to hear about Christianity. After coming to the United States, I was introduced to Christianity. I started going to church and reading the Bible. I did it just to see what the differences were, but I was not sure I could believe it. I started with the New Testament, and it was hard to understand. Then I went to the Old Testament. I could see God helping people in their daily life. I never heard that God could be a part of one’s daily life. 

I saw myself as being different from church people. I did not have happiness. I did not think I was good enough to go to church. But, I did get peace when I read the Bible. I was worried about how to have a relationship with God. I started to study the Bible with a friend from ISI. I learned that we are all sinners, but God gave me Jesus who died for my sins. Jesus had done everything to take away my sins. I needed to accept Him and His purpose for my life. Every minute now becomes important. I wasn’t sure how to pray, but I sensed God’s presence and the promise that He would help me to know Him better. He helped me get a work permit, and then He helped me get a job. God is now a part of my daily life.

This has been adapted from the original testimony of the student

and has been modified to protect the identities of those in secure countries.