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Yen, Taiwan

Thank you Jesus, Lamb of God; worthy is your name. Because of God and ISI, I am here. I spent 30 years of my life and thought I knew everything. I thought I could do everything if I worked hard enough. I have a very wonderful family and the best education. I served in the Taiwan military and worked for a company in Taiwan. There, things were not hard for me. Everyone thought I had a promising future. Even though I knew about Jesus in a Christian high school, I thought I didn’t need this boring stuff. Because I thought the thinking of Buddha was good for life. The teaching of Confucius and Buddha really taught me a lot. I grew up in a Buddhist family. Sometimes we faced a lot of problems we could not solve, even when we prayed very hard to those gods. I had a very wonderful life, but it was not meaningful.

My wife and I recently came to Seattle. We went to an ISI July 4th activity where the people were very warm-hearted to us. These people left a deep impression on us. We got the chance to attend a church and see what was going on there, and we went because we were curious. But surprisingly, I really liked the building and the singing, even though I could only understand about half of the sermon. I attended an after talk session with ISI. We kept going to the church. Jesus had already walked with me and I knew that.

I began to attend the International Ministry Fellowship every Friday night. I felt loved there. I had the highest attendance during the year. I did not want to miss any chance to be with this fellowship. I began to attend a Bible study with ISI staff. I decided to know Jesus more and more, so I grabbed every opportunity to meet Christians. I wanted to see Jesus every day. But how did I decide to put my trust in Jesus? I confess, I used to walk in my own way and thought there were not too many people smarter than me to teach me. But when I read the Bible, I said “Wow! Jesus is such an incredible person and He paid a price for our sins and died on a cross for us because He is God.” Jesus’ word is so attractive to me and I can believe that His word can fit every perspective of our lives, even today. He is gracious, compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in mercy, abounding in love, faithful and forgiving. I’m so eager to learn and comprehend.

He does miracles on me every day. At first, I did not want to believe it, however I am so thankful to Him more and more in my life. Now, I realize what He has done in me. He has already poured all His love in me. I find myself praying to Him throughout the day and at meals and listening to gospel music. I can’t imagine how much I rely on Him. Jesus is changing my life every day.  With His love I have more capacity to fulfill His purpose for my life.

This has been adapted from the original testimony of the student
and has been
modified to protect the identities of those in secure countries.