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What to Expect

Depending on how long you have spent in the U.S., many things could have changed when you return to your home country. Your education and experience in another country will no doubt have changed you, and the people and places you left behind will either have undergone changes as well or will frustrate you because they have not changed at all.

Sooner or later, life brings change. If you can face the changes in your life positively rather than viewing them as threatening or unpleasant, you might be able to see the opportunities they present. The characteristics of change that usually upset people most have to do with the sense of a lack of control,
disruption and/or shock. Knowing that you will return home and face a lot of change, you can minimize the negative impact of these adjustments and prepare yourself for them so that they don’t take you by surprise. Then you will be able to understand and deal with the upcoming changes in thoughtful, practical ways; embracing change, rather than fighting it.

In this section, we'll consider a variety of potential areas of change. Take a moment to read the questions at the beginning of each section to determine if they identify issues you feel pertain to your situation.